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Goodlife Magazine

May 2015

“The biggest problem in our society today is not what people are eating, it's what they're not eating,” says Dennehy. “We need to get in the nutrients we need to cope with the damage that other less healthy foods are causing to the body. There is a balance that will still see you thrive.”


The Dish, Toronto Star

February 12, 2015

“This restaurant has nailed healthy-delicious — whole-ingredient foods served in reasonable portions and without added sodium,” she says, adding that she’d love to see more restaurants work harder to get to that sweet spot.

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Cookbooks 365

June 2014

A review of our cookbook, "Rawlicious At Home", featuring our delicious Zuchetti Pesto recipe.


The Globe & Mail Review

February 2011

“I never met an animal fat I didn’t love. My eating life is a pretty constant struggle between the foods I love (meat,butter, cream) and the foods I know are better for me. I have learned to live without a weekly infusion of hollandaise sauce, without daily baguettes slathered with great butter. I have learned that a day without prosciutto can indeed by happy. On the flipside, plain steamed vegetables are still a punishment, and I hate buckwheat.”


BlogTO Yorkville Review

December 2010

“Rawlicious, one of Toronto’s more well-known purveyors of raw, vegan food, has opened a new location in Yorkville. A far cry from the Junction neighbourhood that houses the original eatery, Rawlicious is now making its healthy dishes available to a whole new crowd...”


Daily Squeeze Review

December 2010

“When it comes to delicious food that’s good for you, we’ll travel to the ends of the earth. Luckily we don’t have to go very far now that Rawlicious Raw Vegan Cuisine has opened up in the heart of Yorkville...”

The Barrie Examiner

September 2011

"Rawlicious Barrie is probably the only restaurant in the city to take pride in not cooking a single meal. That's because Rawlicious Barrie, which opened last week at 50 Dunlop St. E., across from Memorial Square, is touting itself as the city's first vegan, organic restaurant..."


Good Life Magazine

January 2012

"First and foremost, we will always be a restaurant. But I'd also like to see Rawlicious as an educational spot for people to ask questions about food. Along with teaching some uncooking classes and workshops, the retail section will be expanded to include books and hard-to-find raw food cooking essentials such as kelp noodles, and pink Himalayan sea salt. "


Toronto Life Carnivore Cure

August 2011
Toronto Life Magazine - Page 46

If the only way to avoid the guilt, stress and detrimental health effects of consuming the average 21st-century diet - with hormone-injected meats, pesticide-covered produce & fattening processed snacks - is to become a vegan who eats only natural and organic and nothing cooked at over 118F, then at least Rawlicious has figured out a way to make raw nuts and vegetables tast extraordinary. The pasta bolognese is a heaping bowl of spiral-cut zucchini topped with bright, tangy marinara sauce, basil-rich pesto, and a crumbled ball of pressed nuts, garlic and bell peppers - it’s the kind of dish that makes traditional noodles seem like a pleasant alternative, asopposed to the only option.


New York Times Article Review

July 2009

“Seekers of a healthier treat won’t be disappointed. A few doors west is Rawlicious (3092 Dundas Street West; 416-519-7150;, a “living foods” cafe that serves raw-vegan salads like their Olive-Currant-Nutand Seed (8 Canadian dollars, or $6.90 at 1.16 Candian dollars to the U.S. dollar)...”


Oh She Glows Review

July 2010

“I put together an impromptu night out and 10 of us met late this evening at Rawlicious in Toronto. A couple of the ladies had already been before and told me that I must try it out at once...”


Toronto City Gossip Review

July 2011

“When the word ‘vegan’ is dropped in the midst of a meal proposal the first reaction of many is a cringe or maybe a smirk and the insinuation of a meager snack. We have been conditioned to see a filling meal as one with an unwavering piece of meat with a side dish...”


Toronto Life Review

“Rawlicious is a classic vegan café - casual mix-and-match furniture and pillows on the floor for yogic dining in the Zen Den. There’s something vaguely un-Canadian about eating cold faux-spaghetti - raw veggies, uncooked tomato sauce and nuts - in winter and enjoying it. Yet the food at this colourful Junction café is delicious (as the name suggests). The kitchen knows that without animal fats or heat, flavour needs to come from spices, herbs, garlic...”


BlogTO Junction Review

May 2008

“Rawlicious is a live food entry onto the rejuvenated Junction scene. The menu describes the Junction neighbourhood as “reinvigorated” and no establishment is doing quite as much as this to bring literal life and energy to the area...”