Raw goodies delivered to your door!

Raw BoxThe Raw Box by Rawlicious has all the raw essentials you need to make delicious, healthy food at home, straight from our restaurants to your house every month.

The box contains some of our most popular basics, such as onion bread or burgers, which you can use to make delicious lunches and dinners using ingredients you already have at home. Also included are a few of our ready to eat sweet or savoury snacks in every box.

Each month has a new mix of items to whet your appetite and imagination!

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1. Eat healthier

All of our food is hand made in one the our restaurants from the best ingredients. Some of our items take 2 days to dehydrate which can make satisfying a craving difficult. Instead of reaching for the unhealthy counterpart, having raw breads and burgers on hand can keep you eating clean & healthy. The Raw Box keeps your kitchen stocked full of healthy options to reach for when hunger calls.

2. Save time

No time to chop, process, blend and dehydrate? Want to continue trying new raw items but don’t have the time to test out new recipes? Don’t worry, with The Raw Box you can have all the great taste and nutrition of your favourite raw foods delivered to your door! And with our variety of items, each month you’ll be adding to your raw repertoire. There’s something new every month!

3. Share the raw love

Let the raw food fairy deliver yummy essentials to your friend’s door! Have a friend or family member who has been given a special diet from a health care practitioner and is struggling to find new meal ideas? Or do you simply have a friend who loves vegan cuisine? The Raw Box is sure to impress so gift away. After all, who doesn’t love receiving delicious food delivered to their door?



Onion Bread

These slices of delicious dehydrated goodness make the perfect bread for your favourite sandwich. We like to slather on some guacamole, add a few slices of tomato and cucumber and pile on some alfalfa sprouts for a delicious lunch! Or cut them up into small cubes and use them as croutons on your favourite Caesar salad!

Burger & Bun

The classic burger & patty that you can dress up any way you want. You can even warm them up a bit in your toaster oven or regular oven (just be sure not to overheat) before adding your favourite toppings. We love to dress them up with BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, fresh romaine & a slice of tomato to make our BBQ Burger. Just use your imagination and burger away!

Cheesy Kale Chips

Satisfy your sweet or salty cravings with the healthiest snacks you can get. Our delicious Macaroons make a simple sweet dessert any time and our Superfood Cookies are a perfect boost after yoga or a workout. Of course, our Cheesy Kale Chips always deliver a satisfying savoury crunch … or sprinkle them on your salad for some extra crunchy taste!


What’s in the Raw Box?

In each box, you will receive at least six different items, some things savoury and always something sweet. Some of these items require the addition of ingredients you have in your kitchen, like our onion bread. Adding a few simple ingredients can make one delicious sandwich! The other items are ready to be eaten upon delivery, like our Kale Chips which make a nutritious snack. As well, we’ll include a few recipe tips and ideas to make the most of your essentials.

Our food is completely raw and vegan, making it some of the healthiest food you can put in your body! Many people report feeling more energized and satisfied after a raw food meal. Now you can enjoy the delicious taste of Rawlicious in your home any time you want. Just use the easy to follow instructions to recreate one of our classics or let your inner foodie take over and whip up something new!

Hey, send us your dish and you may even win a prize. Or post a picture of your creation to #therawbox and you could win a free box for yourself or to send to a friend!

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When is the deadline to order?
Sign-up by the 15th of the month as boxes ship out the first week. Subscribe for three or six months to get big savings on even more delicious treats! Each month is a new mix of raw essentials and ready to eat treats!

Where do you deliver & how fresh is my food?
Our box reaches into hard to get places! That’s right, we will ship anywhere. So if you’re at the top of the world or live in the boonies, we will get our unique and delicious food to you. Everything is made fresh to order in one of our restaurants & packaged up right before shipping out to you.

How long does each item last?
All items should be kept in the fridge unless noted on the information card found inside. All of our products vary but this should allow a shelf life of up to two weeks, if not longer.