Rawlicious founder, Angus Crawford, always wanted to open a restaurant but never imagined it would be a vegan one until he changed his diet overnight from SAD to raw and saw the amazing impact it had on his body. Changing careers after 20 years in the advertising world, opening a restaurant was truly a rewarding and challenging endeavour. Chelsea Clark, who was brought on as a partner, was in the midst of completing a Naturopathy degree when she made the transition to restaurant owner. Now life partners in addition to business partners, they are both dedicated to changing the landscape of cuisine found in Canada and beyond.

Rawlicious first opened it’s doors in the Junction area of Toronto in April of 2008 with the goal of providing a healthy dining experience and most importantly helping people “feel good about what they eat!” Born out of a frustration of the lack of healthy eating options available once leaving home combined with the search for alternative healing methods for a close family member’s illness, Rawlicious was the first restaurant in Toronto to open with an exclusively raw menu.

Founder & CEO Angus Crawford and co-CEO Chelsea Clark opened the second location in central downtown Toronto. Around this time it obvious that the raw & vegan movement was spreading. With this encouraging trend, Crawford & Clark decided to look at making Rawlicious into a franchise system and undertook the process early 2010. Knowing that this kind of cuisine was gaining awareness and was very well received by those who tried it the desire was to have a Rawlicious location in as many places as possible, ensuring lots of people had access to this type of and simultaneously giving entrepreneurial people an opportunity to own a truly unique business that helps both the customers & community they operate in.

Rawlicious is welcomed with open arms in any town or city as there are people wishing that they had somewhere they could out for lunch/dinner and truly feel good about the food they eat while there. The health conscious demographic is expanding every day. The organic movement is only gaining momentum and is definitely not a fad. There is no going back once someones experiences the health and wellness achieved by eating a healthful diet.Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 3.08.01 PM