Taco Wrap

Seasoned nut loaf, guacamole, romaine lettuce, salsa & almond nut cheese wrapped in a collard leaf.

Caesar Wrap

Seasoned nut loaf, romaine lettuce, bell peppers, onion bread croutons & caesar dressing wrapped in a collard leaf.


Onion bread with guacamole, tomatoes, cucumbers & alfalfa sprouts drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. Served with kaleslaw.
Med Wrap

Mediterranean Wrap

Falafel, tabouli, cucumber, romaine lettuce & Tahini Garlic dressing wrapped in a collard leaf.

BBQ Burger

Almond & sun-dried tomato patty on a sprouted buckwheat bun with BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce & tomato. Served with a side salad.


Cashew cheddar cheese, crumbled nut loaf, salsa, avocado, & romaine lettuce in a red pepper wrap. Served with kaleslaw.
Pad Thai

Pad Thai

Zucchini & kelp noodles, shredded romaine lettuce, carrots & bell peppers mixed in a tangy Thai sauce topped with green onions & crumbled cashews.
Side Salad

A side salad of arugula, red pepper & green onion can be added to all entrees for an additional $4.00